*talking about threesomes* “yeah, if there’s one thing I wanna do, it’s disappoint two girls at once!”

So I found a patch of broken floor that looks EXACTLY like #NJ #withsatanallthingsaresickasfuck
#tbt to my hair in its glory days
#swaghounds @kyletts @to_the_skies69
If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, you’re missing out on some damn good music. @inventureband

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@aftertheburial @jlowe blew my fucking mind tonight. Fantastic show. Words cannot describe. ALSO @inventureband was fucking phenomenal. @stephennowak @denmos____ and everyone else who I’m not following yet.

…lol wut? #science #HAILSATAN

#tbt #thetommarkandtravisshow #theenemastrikesback #blink182 bringing back 6th grade right now
#wcw @brittscardigno if any of you knew how happy she makes me, your brain would explode.

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